The Host
by Ed Crumley

A novel - of life and death on the high desert

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About the Author

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“Talk about intrigue, this story has it, along with a strong spiritual message.  The Host is a page-turner with believable characters.  Some you will love, others you will hate.  Crumley brings a magical freshness that draws you into the story right from the start.  If you like drama and fast action, this book is a must read.”

                                       Reg A. Forder
Director of American Christian Writers
                                                          Publisher of the Christian Communicator and
                                                          Advanced Christian Writer

           “Though I read four to five books a month and have an undergraduate degree in English Literature, I usually find fiction to be a waste of time.  Ed Crumley’s work is a glorious exception.  His style of writing captivates my mind, and his message instructs my heart.  When I speak to audiences, I want to turn their ears into eyes so they can see what I am saying.  Ed does the same with the printed page.”

                                                          Chuck Ward Ph.D.
                                                          Former pastor and college professor

Nationally known speaker, trainer and 
                                                          Newspaper  columnist.                                                                                                                                                                   

 “Ed Crumley is a remarkable man with a unique faith and a gracious approach   to getting the principles of Christianity to people through fiction. I warmly commend his novel, The Host.” 

                                                              Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern  
                                                              Baptist Theological Seminary and past president of 
                                                              the  Southern Baptist Convention