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                 The Host

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About the Book      

A generation’s relentless search for personal power, fostered by the unbounded greed of others, weaves the story.  Campbell MacDonald, a jaded, sixties-reared, radio talk-show host in the small Southwestern tourist mecca of Arroyo Del Rio, is caught in a vortex of evil manipulation beyond his control.  His money-hungry boss, Kendall Belton, in cahoots with a drug lord and a mind-altering “doctor”, pushes him into serious personal decisions about his life. 

“Cam” struggles to retain control of the program content of his popular show while Belton cajoles him into exploiting it as a tool to market human potential seminars at the Nexus Institute, a remote mountain encampment.  Cam’s motives for wanting sway are only self-serving at first, but eventually stem from a righteous concern after God leads him through a series of redeeming experiences. 

The seminars are designed to lead attendees into consumption of illegal, “personality-enhancing”, addictive drugs in which Belton has a financial stake.  Dispensing these powerful potions is “Dr.” Stephen Miles, a pseudo-psychiatrist who’s actually a chemist/pharmacist with a revoked license, a dark heritage and head of the town’s new Nexus Wellness Clinic.  The drug lord, Frank DiFalco, and his thugs furnish the raw materials for the “prescriptions” by hijacking pharmaceutical trucks.

Cam’s allies are: aging-hippie audio engineer, Shep Groom, Waylon Bradford, a deputy sheriff, and Smokin’ Sam Jackson, a barbecue restauranteur who leads prayer and Bible studies for men at his restaurant.  Cam’s girlfriend, Karen Burdine, her Indian mentor, Raymond Redbird, and Cindy Garcia, the producer of Cam’s show, also support him. 

Standing behind-the-scenes as a bulwark against the evil doings is the brotherhood of praying men at the barbecue restaurant.  God rewards their faith when some main characters are spiritually changed and, with others, are used by God to break the evil stronghold over their town.