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                 The Host

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                Ed Crumley

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About the Author      

In 1969, Ed founded Ed Crumley/Architectural Arts and began a multi-decade career producing architectural illustrations and architectural models for architects and real estate developers across America.  Early in his career, Ed wrote, illustrated, and self-published a basic correspondence course on architectural illustration which he marketed through small ads in art publications. 

He has more recently been an observer of modern culture as a freelance movie critic for Preview, a publication of Movie Morality Ministries for which he has detailed the plots and both the redeeming and objectionable material in the latest motion pictures.  Preview is distributed worldwide through subscription on the internet to families desirous of knowing whether a particular movie is suitable for them to attend.

He has written a regular human interest column for a crime-watch newsletter entitled Neighboring.  This quarterly piece interweaves tips on home protection with his interesting viewpoints on neighborhood life.  His other published writing has included op-ed pieces and letters in the Dallas Morning News.

Edís love of the outdoors has taken him on many backpacking trips into the Rocky Mountains.  These trips, his long interest in talk radio as a listener and caller, his lengthy study of Scripture, and his concern for peopleís inability to find Truth in the fog of todayís shallow popular culture, inspired him to began writing fiction as a way of providing spiritual discernment through entertaining and engrossing stories. 

After attending American Christian Writerís conferences for several years where he attended many workshops on various phases of writing, Ed completed his first novel, The Host, and has begun a sequel which will be the second in a series featuring the same core characters, adding new ones, and dealing with new issues each time.